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Hey, guys. I made a sideblog to take specific requests of <400 words, as a writing exercise! All of my actual fic will continue to be posted here, but I’ll try updating swapwrites with shorter things as often as possible.


Piggyback Kat

Pairing: Katarina/Riven

The forest was old. Trees stretched high, their trunks thick and branches so heavy with greenery that it nearly blocked the sky. It was a peaceful place, a fair distance from the walls of the Institute, but still within reach of a day’s walk.

Riven went there when she had time, bringing supplies, and staying a few nights if she could. There was a strange, soothing energy. Perhaps the summoners maintained it, but she never cared to ask. She often brought her sword to practice, but today she only had a mind to walk. The last match had left her thoughts a bit scattered, the link with the summoner particularly draining.

She knew she’d been followed as soon as she entered. It was just the smallest of sounds of rustling leaves that would go unacknowledged by the untrained ear. The thick forest was an ideal place for an ambush. But she didn’t feel the need to turn around.

So it wasn’t entirely unexpected to, at one moment, be enjoying the feel of the earth beneath her feet, and the next have Katarina shunpo onto her back with a knife to her throat.

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